Biopolymer adhesive for tissue repair




Biopolymer adhesive for tissue repair

Business Opportunity

A novel tissue repair technology developed at the University of New South Wales presents a tremendous licensing opportunity for a company with existing expertise in the tissue repair and wound healing sector.

UNSW scientists have developed a proprietary laser activated polysaccharide adhesive system that has been demonstrated in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo.  This polysaccharide adhesive system is an alternative to albumin solders and other biological glues, and alleviates many of their associated disadvantages.

This novel tissue repair technology demonstrates:

• Water insolubility

• Flexibility

• High repair strength

• Biocompatibility

• Excellent properties for use in minimally invasive




The Market

This technology is based on chitosan (deacetylated chitin). The key characteristics of chitosan – the second most frequently used biomaterial after collagen - include non-toxicity, biodegradability, and antimicrobial activity. Applications include: minimal invasive surgery, targeting soft tissues such as nerves, lungs, liver, and bladder; bones and cartilage; and in-situ drug delivery of antibiotics, growth factors, genes, and other therapeutic agents.


The global market for tissue sealants is estimated at

US$497 million for 2009, with an ACGR of 8%.

Significant market players are J&J, Baxter Healthcare,

and Tyco.




The Technology

NewSouth Innovations, the commercialization organization for the University of New South Wales, manages and owns the intellectual property surrounding the use and design of the chitosan tissue repair system. National phase applications have been filed for the US and Europe in February 2007.



The Team

Current development work for the invention is being carried out by Dr Antonio Lauto and A/Prof John Foster. Dr Lauto is an expert in laser activated bioglues for surgical application, who has worked for the past ten years at Cornell University and Macquarie University. A/Prof Foster heads the 'Biopolymer Research Group' that has a focus on the production, characterisation and potential applications of novel biopolymers in medical and environmental areas. Recent applications include surgical adhesives, wound scaffolds, bioplastics and heavy metal remediation agents.


Investment Opportunity

NewSouth Innovations is seeking to identify and secure a partner to clinically and commercially develop this proprietary technology. The nature of the investment would be through collaborative research and/or a licence deal.


Further Information:

 Dr Alfredo Martinez-Coll

T: +61 2 9385 4679

M: +61 404 014 686


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